Saturday, June 21, 2008

A little behind

I've fallen a little behind. Just wanted to say that yesterday I belly danced, and last night I went to see my friend John Joseph play guitar, which was an inspiration to me. This time for once I really focused on his technique so I could try some of those things at home. I see I need to get scales wired, not just up on the high end of the neck, but all throughout the fretboard. I'm not getting nearly the variety of sound out of the guitar that I could be getting.
I was hoping he'd bring his chapman stick though. I was looking forward to hearing him play that. But he has some major back problems, and sometimes he just doesn't feel up to bringing more things. Maybe next time.
Also, I started a new juggling forum called jugglingplanet, which should inspire me to do more with juggling, like make my own props. How cool would that be?

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