Sunday, November 30, 2008

Archery Dream #3

I got to work on dream number 3 today. We went to the archery range and I got to shoot both of my long bows using the arrows I made. A small crowd was there and they were amazed by the bow Richard Saffold had made for me from ipe and bamboo. And they admired my boyfriend's leather and canvas quiver that he made himself.

After archery we went to his favorite restaurant called Todai and had sushi and tempura. Yum.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another dream

I knew I forgot some. I own a lot of musical instruments and can't play any of them well enough to be of much use. So I'd like to at the very least be able to be in a band or do a concert or something other that diddle around with music.

Some of my dreams List of 12

List updated 12/14 2008
Even though I've belly danced since 1977, I've never felt really successful at it. So here's #1.

1. Have a successful belly dancing career.

2. Do the SCA right. That is to say, for once I'd like to register a name, get a badge, have the right garb and so forth. And none of my SCA garb fits me anymore so I'd really have to start from scratch.

3. Traditional archery
Get my archery equipment to a level I can be proud of, not the ragtag way I'm going about it now.

4. Writing
Publish books. Make a living as an online writer. Instead of just scraping by at it, really succeed at it.

5. Have a home and yard I feel comfortable showing to others. I don't want to be a recluse like my mother was.

6. Be fit and healthy.
This is not a goal you do once and you are done. That's why it's so hard. A person can always be fitter and healthier. But these last few years I've really gone downhill.

7. Expand my metaphysical and hypnosis career. Don't let the negativity of others destroy my confidence in this area.

8. Juggling & contact juggling, hooping and other circus skills.

9. Traveling
I want to see the world.

10. Financial independence. I'm getting too old to be a vagabond. Almost all my dreams require a steady cash flow. I don't need a fortune, just a consistant income.
I really want to reach a whole new level with this.

11. Music
Learn to be a competant musician.

12. Artist
Feel like a successful artist.


Today my boyfriend said I looked all bedraggled and witchy. I got up early and started doing chores and never brushed my hair. LOL. Ah well. I am working on my archery projects today as soon as I get off the computer. Trying to organize a monthly meeting for other archers in Orange County, CA that want to make their own gear. I'm thinking of calling it OC Primitives Clan, or OC Primitives Tribe.