Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 2

1. Pay myself first.

Did I earn money today? Yes, I wrote another article for Hubpages under the name Moonmaiden.
Did I work on marketing today? Yes
What new thing did I learn? Yes, I installed movie maker.

2. Develop a juggling show I can be proud of.

Did I juggle today?No, I've been sick.

3. Exercise Daily

Did I exercise today? No, I've been sick.

4. Become the musician I always wanted to be.

Did I work on music today? Yes, watched Walt Ribeiro's show.
What new thing did I learn? A better understanding of playing scales.

5. Did I get more organized today?
No, if anything I made a bigger quilting mess.

6. Do something to advance my hypnosis career. I reinstalled Pidgin so I can stay in touch with my hypnosis clients.

Did I work on hypnosis today? Yes, I checked into going to Hypnoticon West.
What new thing did I learn? That it's going to be near LAX.

7. Get my belly dancing career rolling again.
Did I work on belly dancing today? Yes, I'm planning a silver on silver costume.
Did I learn anything new? That I have a lot of hurt feelings about belly dancing in the past that I need to overcome.

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