Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 3

1. Pay myself first.

Did I earn money today? How?
Did I work on marketing today? Yes, I started a new blog on Fox Blog
What new thing did I learn? That some bloggers are not writing original material. Just because I do doesn't mean I should assume everyone does.

2. Develop a juggling show I can be proud of.

Did I juggle today? Yes
What new thing did I learn? Worked on behind the back with clubs.

3. Exercise Daily

Did I exercise today? Juggling was about it. See above.
What new thing did I learn?

4. Become the musician I always wanted to be.

Did I work on music today? Yes, practiced guitar and watched Walt Ribeiro's class on ustream.
What new thing did I learn? Learned about chord structure.

5. Did I get more organized today? Yes
How? I got up early & had the dishwasher running before 8 AM.
What new thing did I learn? I can get a lot done while the breakfast is cooking if I try.

6. Did I do something to advance my hypnosis career? Yes
I blogged about Hypnoticon on my fox la blog.
What new thing did I learn?

7. Get my belly dancing career rolling again.
Did I work on belly dancing today? No. Blah.
Did I learn anything new?


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