Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 4

1. Pay myself first.

Did I earn money today? How? YEs, my Adsense is up a little. Still, it's not the same as getting $300 from a gig.
Did I work on marketing today? Yes, promoted myself on
What new thing did I learn? Still waiting for the admin at to answer my technical questions.

2. Develop a juggling show I can be proud of.

Did I juggle today? Yes, tried to juggle clubs but my hands were sore from yesterday.
What new thing did I learn? A palm spin hand flourish. I can go around once, hoping to go around twice.

3. Exercise Daily

Did I exercise today? yes
How? Juggling, ballet stretches.
What new thing did I learn? My body feels 'crunchy' when I don't stretch regularly.

4. Become the musician I always wanted to be.

Did I work on music today? Yes, played guitar and watched Walt's show.
What new thing did I learn? That my main goal is to sing my original songs with words and melody on guitar that I've written.

5. Did I get more organized today? Yes
How? I cleaned off the folding tables in the livingroom.
What new thing did I learn? That my couch is shot. The cushions are flat.

6. Did I do something to advance my hypnosis career? Yes, I talked to two people online about hypnosis.

What new thing did I learn?-
7. Get my belly dancing career rolling again.
Did I work on belly dancing today? Only some basic stretches. But it's a start.
Did I learn anything new? Not really.

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