Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Witch Dream

I had the most amazing dream last night. I was my ideal and perfect self.
I lived in a college town and artistic community. I was dressed in a floor length black lace Victorian gown. And I was a witch. I rarely walked on the ground; I pretty much floated everywhere. And I danced a lot. I would fly up into the air and spin and twirl around. A group of goth college students wandered by and I tried to blend in with them, but they were all younger than me and doing role-playing so I didn't really fit in so I slowed down and they wandered off without me.

I was about 30 years old, and I wasn't overweight. And I was a very happy person.
I didn't have a wand but I carried a magic paintbrush. It was always full of clear liquid and I used it to repair fabric. I wonder if I could have used it to repair cuts and scars.

At one point I ran across a bunch of Christians having a revival of some kind, and one of them, who was a Native American came running over to me to try to convert me. I told him he needed to go back to the teachings of his peoples before Christianity poisoned his mind.

After that I was sitting at a table with friends and I was reading this little boys palms. His hands were black as ebony. He had a very strong head line and heart line and I asked him if he was considering psychology or psychiatry as a career. Because you have to use your head and your heart in a career like that.

And there was a lady in yellow lace that accused me of ripping her dress so I used my magic paintbrush to fix the tear. Only she said she didn't want it fixed with magic and she huffed away.

And there was a group of girls all dressed in fancy clothes and they had a headmistress teaching them manners and they were reciting some essay or something and this one girl just floated into the air. She got yelled at by the headmistress and told to come down and act normal at once, but I just smiled and clapped for her and shouted out,'Well done.'

Much like in real life I was a complete loner and though I kept trying to find an equal or a peer to hang out with, I never did. I helped people where I could, but in the end I was still alone. But I was happy because I was true to myself.

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